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Our Coaches

"I want to provide a program that is full of adults who are role models for your kids. It's full of people that your kids are familiar with, whether they see them at fields or at school." 
-Eric Homansky, Founder and Head Coach

Abigail Streger_edited.jpg

Coach Abigail

"I love working at Way2Play because of the kids- the out-of-pocket things that they say, watching them create relationships with one another, and seeing their faces light up when they walk into the gym."

Ethan Ramphier_edited.jpg

Coach Ethan

"I use running as a form of meditation at least twice a week and I love sharing my passion for sports and teaching the youth."

Miles Russell_edited.jpg

Coach Miles

"I love coaching with Way2Play because of the kids. I love putting smile on their faces and making their time at camp special. I’ve attended Way2Play for years as a camper and now going into my 3rd year of being a coach and I love the environment."


Bethany Ferguson_edited.jpg

Coach Tyler

"I was a camper at Way2Play from Kindergarten through 7th grade. I love coaching because I like teaching them new skills."

Allyson Bounds_edited.jpg

Coach Ally

"I love sports, and I love kids, so this is the perfect place for me. The environment is also so extremely positive and fun that I really enjoy being there. The kids are so fantastic and fun, and the staff are all my friends."

Holden Thomas_edited.jpg

Coach Holden

"I love seeing the joy that kids have for sports and each others. I love watching the kids learn and grow every day!"


Coach Odalys


Zoriah Williams_edited.jpg

Coach Zurich

"I love coaching Way2Play because you get to build relationships with the kids and also play games with them all day long!"

Claire Obermayer_edited.jpg

Coach Claire

"I grew up as a camper going to Way2Play so when I was old enough, I was interested and excited in becoming a coach."



Coach Kayla

"I love being able to work with the little kids and build relationships with them. I also enjoy seeing them every summer and I like that they remember who I am."

Rachel Knight_edited.jpg

Coach Rachel

"I love coaching at Way2Play because I love spending time with the kids and being able to have a positive influence on the kids that my coaches and teachers had on me."

Darian Douglas Picture_edited.jpg

Coach Darian

"I love to see the kids be engaged through activities and having fun learning great sportsmanship"


LaWana Steger_edited.jpg

Coach LaWana

"My favorite sport is Soccer and I love everything outdoors. I just love being with and playing with the kiddo...I get to teach respect and sportsmanship as well."

Raymond Farmer_edited.jpg

Coach Ray

"I am a special education teacher and love establishing a connection with each camper and parent. I love to discover new interests with each child."

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